Tuesday, 11 January 2011

First Day of Term

MrsM slept soundly
and woke feeling rested
which was just as well...

La grasse matinée

because she had completely forgotten
what the first day of term feels like:


and...the Spain Field Trip...

MrsM has been distracted
but she needs to plan her wardrobe urgently
because she departs on Sunday.

At the Races

This little number will be perfect for field work:

note the responsible use of sun hat
and day sack for first aid kit.

La Madeleine

This outfit will blend in nicely
for the in-depth study of cafe culture.


There may be an occasional evening expedition
and MrsM want to be prepared
and observe the local dress code.

After the Ball

Finally, MrsM plans to travel in this.
She is required to be on campus
at 3.15am on Sunday morning
and she wants to look stylish
when she collapses with exhaustion
on Sunday afternoon.


All paintings by Ramon Casas i Carbó (1866 - 1932),
Catalan artist and contributor to Modernisme movement.

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