Wednesday, 24 June 2009

All Aboard the Charabanc

the following invitation was found on the photocopier...

The next Day of Culture
will consist of a visit to Brighton
to explore a number of themes
related to the Social and Cultural Research Group.

We will meet at the The Royal Pavilion Gardens
and visit the Brighton Museum
to consider issues such as:
health, housing, religion
civic pride, sport and other social activities
through a range of objects and printed ephemera.

The exhibition will help contextualise
the second activity of the day
raising questions that we might like to contemplate
as we move beyond the museum space.

Next we will visit
the historic ‘Lanes’ area of Brighton
which has a vibrant café culture
and is characterised by
second-hand and antique emporiums
as well as flea markets
making it an ideal place to pause
and consider a number of themes
including consumption,
the histories of objects
and material culture.

Finally, we will visit the Pier, promenade and beach
to consider the role of tourism
in the creation of Brighton, past and present.

You may wish to read the following
as an introduction to some of the themes
that might arise during the day:

Shields R (1991)
‘Ritual pleasures of a seaside resort
liminality, carnivalesque and dirty weekends’

from Places on the Margin: Routledge: London

Miller D (1998)
Theory of Shopping
Polity Press: Cambridge


MrsM admits to adding the illustrations.

Needless to say, MrsM must remain in the office
to ensure that the administrative wheels
of the Department run smoothly...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Final Lap

Red pen for result.
Blue pen for explanation.
Black pen for comment.

The Educational Support Officer
is wearing bright green Converse
and dark grey boardies.

'We need...
more chocolate biscuits...
says the Deputy Exams Officer.

Mark entry.
Long columns of numbers.
Double checked.

Two students in summer dresses
are strolling across campus
eating ice creams.

After analysis
a mark is adjusted
to compensate for
rounding error.
It might make all the difference.

A queue of party goers
waiting for a bus
in bright cocktail dresses and high heels
are off clubbing.

Mark entry is completed early.
The Exams Officer
and the Deputy Exams Officer
are all smiles.

The StudentSoc are planning a boat party.
I must have looked slightly alarmed
because she says soothingly
'Don't worry - I won't be drinking -
I will make sure nobody falls over the side'.

The very fierce lady
in the Exams Office says
'Well Done'.

Offices on the Quad
will be disturbed by soundchecks
for the Summer Ball.

There are more meetings to come.
Some will need lots of Kleenex
but the end is in sight.