Wednesday, 19 November 2008

the world outside my office

A phone call overheard
“…that and hedgehogs are his abiding passions”

I authorise an expense claim for waders.
They did not need waders in my previous Department.

Much chatter and laughter
near the poster requesting volunteers for
the Traditional Naked Calendar.

A field trip discussed
“ was great...
a whole week digging
into the back wall of a cave with a teaspoon...
and now I get to go to Spain to analyse the samples...”

An interview candidate with wild professorial hair
and a collar half up, half down.
I wonder if it is deliberate.

My friend the Catering Delivery Man smiles broadly
to see me in my new office.
I smile to see him...
nobody lays out a buffet lunch as beautifully as he does.

A colleague who cannot attend the Christmas lunch apologises.
He has to go to Venice.
He is very regretful.
He would rather go to the lunch

An unexpected gift from China
in packaging pretty enough to frame.

A student with slender fuschia pink legs
like an escaped flamingo

New vistas opening up
through the leafless branches of trees
outside my office.

I did not buy the gilet.
But I should have.
I am too easily intimidated.

I have finally found some Christmas Cards that I like.
It was hard this year.
Now I can start shopping for presents.